Paper on the way to recycling

Today I dumped a stack of papers over 1 foot tall. As I thumbed through files of courses I’ve done in the past and other papers in my room, I had a decision to make. What information should I keep, and what could I most likely live without?

When it was sermon notes, I usually put them in the recycle pile. When it was blank Bible study/spiritual growth forms, I did the same. When it was quality German magazines, I dumped them as well.

Heartless, you say? How could I part with sermon notes that could be useful in the future? How could I disregard methods for Bible study? How could I throw out German reading material when I really need to keep nurturing my knowledge of the language?

No doubt there was valuable teaching in those sermon notes, but since I have almost never looked back at them, the likelihood that I will do so in the future is very slim. The reason I would look back at them is to glean some instruction or guidance in a situation of need. However, do I not belong to an omniscient Father? When I am in need of guidance or instruction, should I not go to Him? He knows what I need better than I do. and I can trust Him for the right help just when I need it.

No doubt there are good methods for Bible study. However, having a method does not ensure spiritual growth. I must come to God and His Word with a humble heart desperate for more of Him and willing to learn and change. My God is omnipresent, and when He is my teacher there is no need for a method. *

No doubt I do need to polish my German, but I have German books on good subjects, and I don’t need to store papers upon papers that I may never read. Sorry, don’t have such a spiritual view in this paragraph. But, that’s okay. God is also interested in practicality, I think :-).

So, what did I keep, you ask? That will have to wait for another time. Keep checking back for upcoming posts. Or, better yet, subscribe with your blog reader to receive updates automatically!

* I do think Bible study methods have their place and are helpful at times, but this just reflects what caused me to not keep the various forms for spiritual growth that I had. In no way am I condemning Bible study methods!