Blessed are those whose way is blameless, who walk in the law of the Lord! -Psalm 119:1

There is no one blameless. All are sinners from birth. How then can this verse be relevant when it talks about the blameless?

Those who have been redeemed by Jesus are viewed as blameless by the Father. This is no small thing.

Imagine that a total stranger injures you in the most harmful and damaging way. Furthermore, you are the king, and the stranger is a subject in your realm. You, as the king, have so much security around you that the mere peasant was only able to damage you from a distance. He spread lies about your character, vandalized your property, verbally and physically attacked anyone who demonstrated loyalty to you, and pledged that one day he would usurp your throne and serve his own interests from it.

What would you do in response? Imagine now that you are the peasant subject who cares nothing for etiquette and respect concerning the king. The king commissions his dear, precious, loyal son who will under no circumstances shirk the task, to find you and deal with you.

The son employs all means necessary to get to you. Despite your running from him and all the obstacles that you hurl in his way, he is not deterred. He keeps on pursuing you all the more committedly. Finally, when you have run everywhere you know to run, and you have encountered all the obstacles he has put in your way, you have no choice but to fall on your face and beg for some small mercy. If only you could say goodbye to your family before he hacks off your head…if only he would drag you through the deepest, darkest part of the forest rather than through the city streets for all to see you as you approach your doom.

But what does the son say to your pleas? His look is none other than pity, and he bids you to follow him home where you will learn the ways of the kingdom and desire a changed life and heart. His look and his presence affect a change in you that cannot be explained.

All of a sudden, your zeal for defaming the king disappears and you surrender to whatever sort of treatment the son is speaking of. You have no clue how it will work, but you cannot resist now, no matter how hard you would try.

The son brings you to the king, and what happens then utterly amazes you. The king leaps up from his throne and swiftly approaches shouting, “My son!” Welcome home!” Your form is bent over, almost to the ground, and you feel the tender touch of the king as you realize his greeting is directed at you. All the charges that could be brought against you are now replaced by the goodness and loyalty of the son in whose care you were brought to the king. You only deserved judgement, condemnation, and death for your deeds, but you are given a standing before the king identical to that of his son.

Furthermore, you have no reason to worry that the favor you have received would ever cease, for you have been made part of the royal family just by the desire of the king. Your life looks completely different now. You are a different person now. You went from complete wretchedness to total righteousness, and it started way back when the king commissioned his son to pursue you and bring you to him.

Those who the Son brings to His Father are clothed in His righteousness and are considered blameless.

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