Keep and Seek

Blessed are those who keep his testimonies, who seek him with their whole heart. -Psalm 119:2 (ESV)

Keep Testimonies Seek

Keep: preserve, guard, watch over, observe, blockade, defend, keep secret

Testimonies: “always plural and always of laws as divine testimonies” (BlueLetterBible)

How can God’s testimonies/laws be guarded by us? Are they in some danger? Does God need us to help Him out with His work? Here, again, we see God’s amazing grace and concern for us. He is not in danger of any loss, but is interested in our benefit.

Keeping God’s testimonies1means to hallow His Word in our lives. We must give it the place it deserves. There is no need to hide it so none can see it; it is not a treasure that can be stolen. The hiding of God’s Word (Psalm 119:11) is the pursuit of knowing God’s Word well. This kind of hiding is meant to magnify the Word in our own lives and make it visible to others, not make it a secret. God’s Word is the most precious secret of all, but unlike how we usually think of secrets, this one is meant to be proclaimed loudly by both our lives and our lips. This is how we preserve God’s testimonies.

How should we keep God’s testimonies? We must treat it as our most valued possession. This is an attitude of the heart and a priority of the mind more than a physical action of safeguarding a printed book. We must feed on God’s Word daily, finding sustenance in His words, and studying (2 Tim. 2:15) diligently that we may not be ignorant of God’s laws. Our conversations and time usage should show that God’s Word is the most treasured thing to us. By our lives lived in obedience to It, we show that we are indeed keeping His testimonies.

Seek: enquire, require, seek (with a demand), seek with application, practice, study, follow, investigate, consulted (only of God), to be sought, to ask for, to frequent, care for, to beg, to apply oneself.

Seeking means requiring something at all costs. It causes me to think of being addicted (in a good way) to God Himself.2

3Lovers seek out each other’s company. Frequently. They, when in the throws of romance, hang on each other’s every word and cannot bear to be apart.

How much more should we diligently seek to be with our Lord, to listen to Him speak through His Word, to ask His will for how we spend our time, to thrive only on His involvement in our lives, and seek to grow more and more in holy desire to know our God?

Do our lives show that our treasure is God’s Word?

Do we show that we study it by properly applying it to our lives?

Do we seek God above all else?

What must we change in order to seek Him more fully?

1. The words describing “testimonies” seem to indicate that the whole of God’s law (found in His Word) is meant by the term. Therefore, I use “Word” and “law” as synonyms for “testimonies”. Here, “testimonies” does snot refer to personal stories of God’s work in our lives, but to absolute Truth (God’s Word), which is meant to point us to God. His Word and laws testify of Him.

2. While an analogy cannot adequately depict the relationship between us and God, it may help with impressing upon us it’s importance.

3. I am doing much assuming in this paragraph.

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