do no wrong

Who also do no wrong, but walk in your ways! -Psalm 119:3 (ESV)

Word meanings

unrighteousness: unjust one, unrighteous one, perverse one, evil, wicked

walk: seems to indicate a general following and traversing about, but also a more intense/focused pursuing

ways: road, distance, journey, manner, direction, habit, of course of life (fig.), of moral character (fig.), toward

The children of God are referred to as children of righteousness/obedience (1 John 3:9-10 and 1 Peter 1:14). This stands in stark contrast to what unbelievers are called: sons of the devil (John 8:44). While they can do no good to please God, those who are born again can do no wrong*. They please God because they are clothed in Christ’s righteousness.

*Though Christians stumble and fall, even into ditches, the general direction of their lives is toward holiness. Their habits become more and more the practice of godliness. If this is not the case, one has great reason to ponder his/her state: whether he is truly born again or not.

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