Psalm 119:5

Oh that my ways may be steadfast in keeping your statutes! -Psalm 119:5

Word meanings

ways: road, distance, journey, manner, path, direction, manner, habit

steadfast: established, firm, stable, secure, enduring, fixed, determined, prepared, arranged, settled, set up, accomplish, furnish

keeping: guard, observe, give heed

statutes: ordinance, limit, something prescribed, due, task, portion, action, resolve, boundary, enactment, decree, law

Praise God that His people will be steadfast in their walk with Him! He has ordained that the direction/journey of His people will be growth in holiness. Will I joyfully submit to His ways and be committed to progressing in them and not giving up? Will I choose to embrace His ways rather than having Him teach me through chastisement that it is best to submit?

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