Psalm 119:6

Then I shall not be put to shame, having my eyes fixed on all your commandments. -Psalm 119:6

Word Meanings

put to shame: be ashamed, be disconcerted, be disappointed, to fail in hope and expectation, to disgrace, applied to the mind – troubled, disturbed, confused

“The origin should not apparently be sought in the idea of blushing, but rather in that of paleness and terror…” –Gesenius

“It is applied to enemies and wicked men put to flight after their endeavors are frustrated; to men overwhelmed with unexpected calamity; to a husbandman deprived of hope of harvest. Those are said not to be put to shame, who place their confidence in God.” –Gesenius

look: regard, pay attention to, consider, behold, respect, to follow (with the eyes), to rest one’s hope in

all: the whole, each, every, totality

God is not so much concerned about our self-esteem as He is about the outcome of our lives. This verse speaks not so much of hindering a momentary feeling of embarrassment but of an ultimate disappointment of failed endeavors. All who are not washed clean by the blood of Christ will be eternally disappointed, but those who have been cleansed will enjoy eternal happiness.

We must have our eyes fixed on God’s Word. We must find sustenace and joy in it so that when all else comes to nothing we will still be upheld by a sure foundation/hope.

God’s Word helps us guard against false hopes.

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