Psalm 119:10

With my whole heart I seek you;
let me not wander from your commandments! -Psalm 119:10

My everything must be committed to learning God’s ways found in His Word and applying it to my life.

Word Meanings

whole: all, any, each, every, anything, totality, everything, complete

heart: inner man, understanding, midst, inclination, resolution, determination (of will), conscience, “seat of appetites/emotions/passions/courage”-Gesenius

seek: enquire, require, frequent (a place), consult, demand, investigate, ask for, practice, study, follow, seek with application, apply oneself

let me not wander: to go astray, err, stray, swerve, meander, reel, roll, be intoxicated, commit sin of ignorance or inadvertence, wander

commandments: of God, code of wisdom, precepts of God, prohibition

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