January Review

2010 – Looking Ahead With Numbers

All of the following are estimates/hopes, subject to change, and subject to God’s will. As He gives strength, I desire to accomplish those things upon which I have significant influence.

1 baccalaureate degree completed  Got my degree program changed to Liberal Studies

1 solo recital performed  Did a little brainstorming about pieces to play

1 mission trip realized  Planning session with my travel companions!

2 primers constructed

3 family members interviewed for a family autobiography

81 concerts played in 1 Concert in January

10 hymns learned and transposed on piano

12 months of income and expense thoroughly documented  Have not done this for January, yet.

12.3 megapixel camera studied in one photography course

14 days European air breathed

23rd birthday celebrated

23-year-old dear friend’s wedding attended Yay! Becca’s married!

23+ years of pictures/documents scanned

24 keys (music) studied and played

25 days walked on African soil

40 violin recordings made and posted

40 weeks of violin practice time graphed and posted  Decided to post monthly practice time instead. See below

40 books read and reviewed  1 review posted, 2 new books started

50 personal letters written and sent

52 combined years of family history outlined

1202 square feet of personal space kept tidy  Moved into a new room, but not yet organized.

156-yr. old book re-designed, published, and promoted

220-yr. old city visited and partially toured Washington, DC!

365 verses memorized and quoted  24 verses

365 verses pondered in blog posts  24 verses

800 hours spent making a piece of wood sing  40.38 hrs. I must greatly increase my practice time. If I practiced this amount every month, I would only reach slightly over half of my goal this year.

9803 pixels wide web design studied and experimented with  Designed a look for my website!

1. approximation
2. approximation
3. had to figure out a way to represent web design by a number…

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