Psalm 119:25-32…some thoughts

25 My soul clings to the dust;
give me life according to your word!
26 When I told of my ways, you answered me;
teach me your statutes!
27 Make me understand the way of your precepts,
and I will meditate on your wondrous works.
28 My soul melts away for sorrow;
strengthen me according to your word!
29 Put false ways far from me
and graciously teach me your law!
30 I have chosen the way of faithfulness;
I set your rules before me.
31 I cling to your testimonies, O Lord;
let me not be put to shame!
32 I will run in the way of your commandments
when you enlarge my heart!

25 – Unless God breathes life into me, I will be content to lie low. I will cleave to the dirt. I will have no desire for anything better. I will remain a filthy wretch. Only God’s Word – His pronouncement of life – will make me someone who I would not naturally be.

26 – Asking God for life is accompanied by confession of who I am without Him. A person cannot be changed without realizing his degradation and depravity. Acknowledgment of utter worthlessness and total rebellion against God must precede reception of forgiveness and new life.

God will always answer anyone who sincerely addresses Him. Period.

Those who have sincerely repented of their rebellion will desire to be taught by God. They will not rest till He has brought them to holy living. They do not tire in study and passion to please Him. Though they go through times of discouragement and seemingly less growth, the direction of their lives is ever upward.

27 – The psalmist does not merely ask “help me.” He asks “make me.” Herein lies the lesson that we are not just in need of God’s aid, but we are utterly dependent on Him to teach us and cause us to understand. There is no point in our lives where we can claim “I did this with God’s help.” Rather, in any and every situation, we must be willing to say “God did this in and through me, frail as I am.”

Meditation on God’s Word is regarded highly in many Christian circles. Methods for meditation are taught. I have learned some myself. And yet, without God’s quickening and reminding of His Word in my heart, I am powerless in my efforts. Every spiritual discipline must be carried out by the Lord in our lives, else we will fail miserably. If not in our exercising of the discipline our failure will certainly rise in our attempt to please God in our own efforts. He is the only one who can please Himself. Therefore, He must be the One working out the discipline of meditation.

28 – The context leads me to assume that the sorrow spoken of in this verse is not a result of want or need. This sorrow is likely referring to a realization of great guilt and shame before God. A full realization of this is most paralyzing. Praise God that Jesus not only died but rose again, showing that joy follows mourning. We do not have to wallow in sorrow because Jesus died and rose again so that we might live.

29 – In ourselves, we are only capable of walking the path of sin to destruction. Pray for God to keep you from falling into temptation. If you are a Christian, be assured that He will keep you from falling away!

God’s teaching is done in mercy. He lovingly instructs and corrects. I must see each hardship in this light. Why do I get upset about disappointments and things that do not go my way? I forget that God does everything out of love and everything He does is for a good reason.

30 – An amazing mystery in Scripture is the fact that God brings us to Himself to keep us for eternity and this is coupled with our choice to be faithful to Him. It is a mystery that some can explain better than others. It’s reality shows itself in our joyful surrender, obedience, and faithfulness to the Lord. And we know that it is He alone Who brings all this to pass.

We choose what we view. What are we choosing to let enter our eyes, minds, and hearts? Would God be pleased with it? Is He pleased with it?

31 – We frail humans are always clinging to something. Sinners cling to their sin. The saved cling to their Savior. But, we can always grow in our grasp on that which is worth grasping onto. How tightly do we cling to God’s Word? How many of our thoughts are wrapped up in His Truth?

In the long run, none who cling to Christ will be put to shame.

32 – God’s way is a way for runners. The world knows nothing of the tremendous freedom that Christians enjoy. Their seeming narrow-mindedness and peculiar living are in reality a way full of the greatest joys. Their joy cannot be fathomed by those enthralled by sin. Christianity is a training program which, though the way is narrow, leads the believer through pastures wide of mercy and abundant goodness. Joy abounds there, even in deep sorrow, and they know that one day all will be well. This expectation, trumped only by that of seeing the One Who secures their joy, keeps them persevering along in the race.

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