Understanding Grace

Notes from a discussion about Chapter 13 of Knowing God by J.I. Packer.
(” ” indicate quotes from the book)

“Grace is God’s riches at Christ’s expense.”

The purpose of everything is for the praise of the glory of His grace.


Truths we must believe if we are to properly understand grace:

1) man is totally (in every aspect) depraved

2) even if it does not appear so in the immediate, God always judges sin

3) man is totally unable to fix the problem of his depravity

4) God is free to give and not give grace to whomever He wills


The only thing we can claim from God is justice.? God always pours out justice. For His people, He poured it out on Christ.? In Christ, we have gone from infinite debt to infinite riches.

“Grace is free, in the sense of being self-originated and of proceeding from One Who was free not to be gracious. Only when it is seen that what decides each individual’s destiny is whether or not God resolves to save him from his sins, and that this is a decision which God need not make in any single case, can one begin to grasp the Biblical view of grace.”


1. Grace is the source for the pardon of sin.
“Justification is the truly dramatic transition from the status of a condemned criminal awaiting a terrible sentence to that of an heir awaiting a fabulous inheritance.” (and this is an understatement)

2. Grace is the motive of the plan of salvation.
“Believers may rejoice to know that their conversion was no accident, but an act of God which had its place in an eternal plan to bless them with the free gift of salvation from sin.”

3. Grace is the guarantee of the preservation of the saints.
“I need not torment myself with the fear that my faith may fail; as grace led me to faith in the first place, so grace will keep me believing to the end. Faith, both in its origin and continuance, is a gift of grace.”


“Love awakens love in return; and love, once awakened, desires to give pleasure. And the revealed will of God is that those who have received grace should henceforth give themselves to “good works”, and gratitude will move anyone who has truly received grace to do as God requires.”

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