Lazarus illustrates salvation

Lazarus: I wish Jesus were here.

Jesus: Lazarus, come forth!

Lazarus: “Oh, that’s Jesus calling to me! I’ve been waiting for Him to come! Now, I can get out of this miserable tomb. Wait, I must be alive first. Ah, that’s it! I must breathe. Breathe. Breathe. Yes, I feel alive now. I’m coming, Lord! Just a minute. Let me get untangled out of these cloths first. Okay, I’m ready. Four days in there were plenty for me. Wow, it’s good to see you!”

Jesus: Well, I couldn’t come any sooner. But, I’m glad you still were able to hear me when I called! Hope this new life isn’t going to be too hard for you to get used to!

Sadly, it seems that this is the way many view salvation.

Here is what really happened:

Lazarus: (dead)

Jesus: Lazarus, come forth!

Lazarus: *Huh? What happened to me? Jesus! He made me alive!

We are dead until Christ breathes life into us. We don’t desire Christ. But when Christ breathes life into a person, that person comes to Christ. Our will to resist is no match for the life-giving call of Christ. We don’t do anything to improve ourselves before coming to Christ. Christ calls, and we come. And then He unbinds us.

See John 11:43-44

*my idea of what he might have been thinking

Note: I am grateful to a teacher for making me aware of how the story of Lazarus illustrates salvation.

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