I am a prodigal

I had not thought of myself as a prodigal. But, truly, I am. Daily I choose my own way and not God’s. And God still claims me as His. What mercy! Though I beg for His chastisement daily, He holds out His grace still.

“We are all* prodigal sons, and not disinherited; we have received our portion, and misspent it, not been denied it. We are God’s tenants here, and yet here, he, our landlord, pays us rents; not yearly, nor quarterly, but hourly and quarterly; every minute he renews his mercy.”
– John Donne

*The context of the quote leads me to believe that this “all” refers to the body of believers in Jesus Christ, and indeed, there is no other group this particular “all” could indicate.

Addition: Here is a song that speaks of the mystery of God’s mercy. If you would prefer to not hear it, you can turn off your computer speakers and just read the words as they appear on the screen.

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