Sierra Leone part 1

Thursday, October 28, 2010 – 6:17 pm EST – flight from D.C. Dulles to Brussels

This morning at 4:45, Patty, Kenyon, and I checked in at the Tulsa airport. Our plane left at 6. Everything went smoothly. We arrived at Chicago O’hare and I promptly phone Katie because I was going to be at the airport for 4.5 hours. She decided to come meet me with 3 of her siblings! We enjoyed a couple of hours catching up on each others’ lives. When the time came for me to go back through security, she kindly purchased lunch for me. It was a delicious feta and tomato pasta salad. After arriving back at the gate, I ate the salad and was well served by a United worker who got my flights registered under a miles account. I had to sign up for one, and it will be interesting to see how much credit this one trip gets me. Before boarding the plane, I purchased a bottle of water ridiculously priced at $2.59.

The plane we took to D.C. Dulles was a nice one with full First and Business Class sections also. We were served drinks, and they gave a full can to those who asked for soda. Generous! I’ve been noticing a lot of good things about United’s service. Everyone seems friendly…more than I remember. Perhaps I just haven’t flown enough or I am just too cynical. We are now on the flight to Brussels. And food is here!


That hit the spot. It was rosemary chicken (with a stuffing-like thing/rice and peas), salad, a roll, and a triple-chocolate brownie. I’m listening to Valley of Vision now before which I was listening to Yo-Yo Ma. And now I must do some more teaching prep.


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