Sierra Leone part 2

Saturday, October 30, 2010 – 10:45 pm – Bo, Sierra Leone

Wow have I got a lot to record!

After the meal on the flight to Brussels I felt horrible. My stomach was having the hardest time digesting, and I felt like a might throw up. I tried to sleep, but wasn’t able to very well. The only movie showing that appealed to me was Mary Poppins, but I knew I needed to do some teaching preparation instead. But, basically that flight can be remembered by my terribly upset stomach. Breakfast was served about 6 hours or less after dinner, and I just saved it for later. I finally ate the pastry this morning but threw away the yogurt.

In Brussels, we found where we were to go, but because the bus to take us to the gate would come every 10 minutes, and there would be no stores there, we decided to hang around at a laptop station where we could charge electronics. I was able to e-mail an update to all who are praying for me, update Facebook (with a message saying that I would be doing so again when I found wi-fi somewhere), and respond to an e-mail.

Ha! There is now a very slim chance that I will be able to use the internet to send even a few updates during my time here.

At the laptop station, we met 3 ladies who had been in Africa for work at a college that is developing a women and gender studies program, I believe. Two of them were from Canada. It was a great sight to see all five laptops at the station were Macs.

I purchased a chai at Sarbucks and then we headed over to our gate. Carey Jo and Lori were there waiting for us. We enjoyed catching up and then boarded the plane. We had to check our bags that were too big to carry on.

The plane was a Blue Panorama aircraft. The seats were comfortable, but there were no individual movie screens. Some western type movie set in Australia was showing on the screens in the front of the cabin, and later on a film about war time in Afghanistan (or something like that). I tried to sleep a bit, but my stomach was upset again. I didn’t eat the meat and sweet potatoes that were served. At that point I was suspicious of the food. The roll with cheese and butter, vanilla waffle, and chocolate piece were good, though. I did some teaching prep. The African mountains were a beautiful sight. We flew over Algeria and Mauritania. We landed in Dakar, Senegal, to let off most of the passengers before continuing our journey to Freetown.

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