Sierra Leone part 4

Monday, November 1, 2010 – 8:50 pm – In my hotel room in Bo

The water is off. Thankfully Carey Jo filled a bucket slightly more than half full for me because she has water in her bathroom. I need to wash my hair in the morning, but am not sure if I can without additional water. I plan to tell Gregory when I see him about it. Perhaps he can mention it to the hotel staff.

Well, I didn’t finish telling about church yet. What really struck me about the service was the great enthusiasm of the congregation. One of the leaders spoke about how God was gracious to bring them all safely through another month. It was convicting to see all those people dancing for joy and praising the Lord for a long time. They have so little materially compared to me, but they are rich. They are rich in thanksgiving to the Lord. They are rich in joy. They know God as the One Who provides. Really and truly. I have much to learn from these people.

Another thing that really struck me during the service happened at the beginning when they started the singing. The singing leader exhorted the people to praise God because of Who He is and not what He has done for them. Wow. Although I hear that at home, too, it was very striking when stated in that context.

In the afternoon, I rested instead of going with some of the men to the Cybercafe. The report I heard made me partly wish I had gone. Apparently, the wi-fi is free, and it is a very westernized establishment. I had wanted to go today, but there wasn’t an ideal opportunity. Walking over there in the dark even accompanied doesn’t appeal to me.

I just mentioned the water issue to Agnes. I can let the Susan (the cook) know in the morning if I don’t have water then. Well, let the creativity in taking an entire shower with only a half bucket of water begin! This is good for me. (no sarcasm intended)

Before dinner, we instructors met at the compound where classes will be taking place and reviewed the schedule for the week. A few more participants arrived during our meeting, including those who worked on the Advance Preparations for the Themne and Mende primer construction. In the evening, I worked on more teaching preparation and journaling.

This morning, the Primer Construction Institute began. To the center, I rode behind one of the participants on his motorbike. He drove slowly, which was really nice for me. Later, after lunch, Agnes hired bike drivers to take some of us ladies down the road to the center. This time, the driver drove a bit too fast. Maybe he was excited about carrying a white person.

At the beginning of classtime, Gregory explained how vital it is to be able to read because, like the king in Esther’s time, God has written a decree for all the provinces of His kingdom. It is necessary to read it. That is why all of us are here.

I finished creating my powerpoint presentation during Carey Jo, Patty, and Daniel’s teaching sessions. However, later when I was teaching, the projector wasn’t working. Patty helped me out greatly by writing page numbers and headings on the chalkboard as I spoke. It was also helpful for the students to have a visual in addition to my speaking. The topics I covered were Primer Characteristics, Walk Through the Primer, and Letter Count. We had to move the Advance Preparation session to the next morning. At the beginning of my teaching, I passed out highlighters and sticky notes. Using them in my book has been very helpful in mapping it out for easy use. I thought the students might enjoy using them for marking up their books as well. I think at least a couple of them liked it. I think my session on Walk Through the Primer in which I had them flip to many different parts of the book kept them engaged and awake.

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