Sierra Leone part 8

Tuesday, November 9, 2010 – 9:25 pm

This week is much different than last week. I hardly had anything to do last week. I just had my sessions to prepare and present and took lots of pictures during the class time. Now, I am checking every story that’s completed to make sure that they have been composed within the parameters of the word and letter quotas. It feels like accounting work as there are so many details to keep track of. I am enjoying it and have already learned much about primer construction.

I finished reading the book of Esther again this evening. My talk for Sunday evening’s Gathering of Esthers is more obviously taking shape now. Though I started out preparing to talk about Esther, I am finding that the book is really about God. His character as revealed in the story of Esther is amazing. I am planning to go through the whole book while highlighting various lessons that the Lord is teaching me from it. It’s good for me to not have any additional materials here to help me prepare. As I only have my Bible, I am realizing more fully that it truly is sufficient.

Humidity really messes with printing, I’ve found out. I have to run paper through the printer a couple of times before actually printing on it so that the paper will be sufficiently dried to cause the toner to adhere to it. I’m trying to keep our paper in a plastic container while we aren’t printing, but still need to dry the paper by running it through the printer before printing.

Yesterday, the tailor came to get our fabric during breakfast. He got our measurements and style preferences and will get our finished outfits back to us by Saturday. I am looking forward to working on my African look. 😉

Tonight, there was some racket going on in the street. It didn’t sound like friendly commotion, but I wasn’t about to go find out what it was. Campaigning for the 2012 elections has started and I wonder if it had anything to do with that.

Mummy is good at remembering that I need to work on my Mende language skills. 🙂 Since she knows that we learned some on Saturday evening, she now speaks to me in Mende. It’s a good thing that I know “Kaeengoma” (Thanks be to God.) as I can say it in answer to anything. 🙂

For dinner we had a burrito-style sandwich that tasted like gyros. It was good, and the farthest we’ve gotten from the usual chicken and rice meal. Fried plantains were on the menu again. I really have to make those at home. They are really delicious.

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