Sierra Leone part 9

Wednesday, November 10, 2010 – 9:15 pm

Word control is a really big job. I just finished up some work on entering stories and the translations into my computer. Working with a language I don’t know is definitely challenging. The writing teams submit hand-written stories to me and I enter them into the computer. Often they aren’t easy to read, and so I have to ask how words are spelled, and often I find that I mistype them if I don’t. Sometimes I feel like we’ll never finish the Mende primer in the two weeks allotted. But, I know that we must and that by God’s grace we will.

Kenyon shot a clip of me at the computer today. I thought it would have been really bad since I couldn’t concisely explain what I was doing. However, I watched it and it’s actually pretty funny. Perhaps it only communicates frustration and humor, but those would be accurate emotions of the day.

I have figured out how to effectively use the printer here despite the high humidity. I have to run each sheet of paper through the printer 3 times before actually printing. And then the toner actually sticks to the paper. It takes me at least four times as long to print as it actually should, but at least it’s possible.

Tonight, there was a heavenly sunset. I didn’t get back to the hotel in time to get a good panorama, but I did get a few shots from the training center. As we walked back to the hotel, I noticed a pretty greenish-blue haze among the trees in the distance. It’s probably due to the high humidity, but nevertheless this is a beautiful country. (I found out later that the haze is partially due to the fields being burned after harvesting.)

I asked Gregory about the program on Sunday evening. He said that it will be me talking for an hour if that’s not too much. There will be nothing else on the program. I’m excited but somewhat nervous at the same time.

I should go to sleep now. My phone is low on battery power, but I don’t want to plug it in as that would mean that I’d have to unplug the fan. I’ve been waking around 4 in the morning with the feeling that it’s time to get up, so hopefully I won’t be in too much trouble if my alarm doesn’t work tomorrow. Ah, the things that I’m dealing with these days. Nothing like life at home. Wow. I’m thankful for this experience.

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