Sierra Leone part 10

Thursday, November 11, 2010 – 9:40 pm

Musa Jambawai Sr. (the older of two brothers on the Mende team) and I just finished revising lesson 21. We worked in the “office” – the entranceway to the floor where we caucasians are staying. Primer Construction is really like working a puzzle, only perhaps more complicated because there is never only one option. I want to get someone to film me working with him on a lesson because it’s hard to explain in words how it works. Ha, there’s a pun!

Today, Patty and I left the center shortly after 6. I wanted to get back to the hotel to take sunset pictures. We both walk fast, so we just left together. After a bit, Gregory called to us asking if we were running away. I guess he had followed us. It struck me as funny, but it was good to have him accompany us the rest of the way. Even two white ladies shouldn’t be walking by themselves, I guess. He walked a bit into the “road” so that the bikers wouldn’t force us off. I feel like I have a dad here, which I’m sure would be comforting to my daddy.

If we were working in a place with good electricity, then we would work later than 6. But because we have to walk back to the hotel and the light in the center is not adequate, we try to leave before it gets dark. However, some do work later into the night on their own.

I’m still hoping to get more of a tan. Carey Jo told me today that I need to walk slower so that I will be in the sun longer. 🙂

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