Sierra Leone part 11

Sunday, November 14, 2010 – 8:45 pm

We worked on the primers till lunchtime on Saturday. As for the Mende (the team I am on), up through lesson 32 has now been entered into the computer, and the speakers are working on translating and simplifying the health stories. I am impressed by the perseverance of my teammates. They have to revise the stories so much, yet they still maintain good attitudes and don’t give up.

After lunch on Saturday, Alfred, Carey Jo, and I revised one of the lessons in our “office”. Then, Kamanda escorted 6 of us to town. As we struggled to collect 7 Okada for our entourage (there was a bike rally happening, so many were preoccupied), I was glad to be with someone who is experienced in it. Patty and I opted to spend our time at the internet cafe. I was able to send an update to those who are praying, access Facebook, and reactivate Lightroom for my picture storage and editing. I tried to download Bible study software, but that was impossible. However, it did work to chat with my dad and my mom scanned and e-mailed a couple of personal notes that had come in the mail for me. The others came to the cafe when they were done shopping, and our group of 7 rode Okada again back to the hotel or center.

In preparation for my hair styling, I washed my hair with a lot of shampoo. Since I won’t be washing my hair with shampoo for at least a month, I decided to indulge in a good lathering. I’m considering dumping my hairbrush since I won’t need it, either. By 5:00, Putsy was doing my hair. During the 5+ hours it took to complete, I typed up material for my Esther talk, browsed Kenyon’s pictures to copy those that had me in them, showed some of my edited pictures, and conversed with the ladies who spent time watching and helping by separating the bunches of extensions. Putsy did the twist style on my hair, and I like it so far. I look forward to experimenting with different up-dos.

At 10:30, I was working on my Esther talk again and got to bed after midnight. I rose again early this morning to do some more prep after getting ready for the day. I wasn’t feeling great, and I thought the time before leaving was short, so skipped breakfast again.

Patty and I went with Gregory and four of the other participants to Jestina’s church. It is an Assembly of God church in a remote part of Bo. It’s only been a part of the city for a few years. After the service, the men except for Gregory went to find Okada to take them back to the hotel. Gregory and we ladies walked up the road and stood in the shade under a mango tree to wait for Stephen to pick us up in his jeep. I filmed the drive back to the hotel and look forward to showing the footage (if it turned out well) of Bo streets to friends back home.

I was really not feeling well this afternoon. I felt very unsettled inside, heart pounding, and weak. Though I wanted to prepare for my talk, I felt like I had to rest. Carey Jo gave me a granola bar and I drank a coke as well to try to revive me. It didn’t really help. While I was resting in my room, Carey Jo and Lori came up to pray for me. I couldn’t eat very much lunch. Instead of plain water, I mixed up vitamin C water to take with me to the city hall. By the time I was to speak, I felt strong again. Praise God! Stephen translated into Creole as I spoke. I ended up talking about less than I had planned (though it lasted over an hour) but I am confident that it turned out exactly how God planned for it to. About 50 people came.

Back at the hotel, I went through my suitcase before dinner. Earlier in the day I found that something had eaten through my medicine ziplock and into my smaller multivitamin ziplock. I threw the ziplocks away without even opening the smaller one to investigate. So I wanted to sort through my things to see if they were all in order. I’ve been keeping my things on the desk or in my suitcase because of the humidity and musty closet. I found the beginnings of mold on a couple of items in my suitcase but thankfully that was all.

We have learned that there is an insect that releases an acid when it is smashed. It is about a half inch long, red and black striped, and winged. Often I feel like there’s a bug on me, but it’s mostly paranoia, I think.

Dinner was french fries and fried spam slices. It was refreshing, as we usually eat rice and chicken or fish at lunch and dinner. Tomorrow, the last week begins, and we are starting at 8:30 instead of 9:15 at the center. We have a lot to do this week.

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