Sierra Leone part 15

Wednesday, November 24, 2010 – 8:30 pm – München, Germany

On Tuesday evening as I returned to the hotel from the center, Rachel, who had come to the Esthers gathering, was waiting outside the gate for me. We talked awhile in the restaurant. She is an amazing girl. She loves the Lord and His Word. She loves telling others at her sewing school about Him. She said that she wrote down all I said on Sunday and then told her colleagues about it and if I understood correctly, she said that there were a couple that accepted Christ as a result. I am challenged by her example. She seems to be very proactive in sharing Christ.

Kristianna visited during lunchtime one day. Stephen, her dad, brought her over after I said that it would be fine for her to come visit me. We only talked briefly because I had to go back to work, but she said she would come back later. She did come back with her adopted sister, Dorcas. They are 20 and 16. They were very quiet. I asked them a couple of questions and they asked me if I am married. I shared some of my ideals concerning marriage.

A few times, Christianna (the girl who came with her brother the other day) came to the center to see me. The first time, Agnes came to tell me that she was there. I went to just talk briefly with her. After a few minutes, Agnes came and told me that I was needed inside again. The other times Christianna came I wasn’t available, so I believe it wasn’t God’s will for me to spend time with her.

Almost every evening had more work to be done at the hotel. If there was a good light source at the center, we would have worked later than 6pm there. On Wednesday and Thursday evening evening, a few of the language speakers stayed at the hotel to work late into the night (i.e. 2:30am for one of them). The lighting at their dorm was not adequate for work.

On Saturday morning at 9am we went to the center for the graduation ceremony. Rachel came as she had said she would (and brought me a shirt that she had sewn). The executive secretary of the Bible Society came to give the key address. It was a special ceremony, and the passion of Gregory for the spreading of the Gospel in Sierra Leone was touching.

After the program, Rachel, Kristianna, and Dorcas came back to the hotel with me. I spoke with them in my room, showed pictures of my family, treated them to drinks at the restaurant, and showed them a sampling of my Sierra Leone pictures. They each left me with a picture of themselves, their contact info, and their birthdate. I’m grateful for my sisters in Sierra Leone, and hope to stay in touch and encourage them in the Lord.

In the evening, an awesome storm rolled in. I spent awhile shooting and filming it from the top level of the hotel. I love storms (as long as I feel safe).

On Sunday morning, I spent a short time with Mummy sharing the Gospel with her. I wish that I had endeavored to meet with her earlier so that I would have had more time, but I trust that God is powerful enough to bring her to Himself even if I didn’t have a great deal of time to reason with her.

Rachel came to say goodbye, which was really special for me.

About 9:00am, we left in two vans for Freetown. Mohammed, the owner of the van in which 4 of us rode, is educated and kept us engaged in conversation. He teaches at a school in Bo. He was interested in pictures of the States that Kenyon showed from his laptop.

As we drove, I photographed and filmed villages. Several times, I saw what looked like church services going on, sometimes in straw-topped open air structures. I didn’t have my camera ready and aimed when I saw them. Some things just have to be seen and appreciated without being preserved by a picture.

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