Friday Finds

I’ve been wanting to start this feature on my blog for quite some time. Though I can’t promise that it will be weekly, I will do my best to do it as often as possible.

Rather than constantly bombard my followers on Facebook and Twitter with links that I find interesting, I will share them in this “Friday Finds” feature on my blog. Enjoy, and I would love to know what you think!

The Giver is the Gift. What [WHO] do you desire most?

Finding Free Christian Kindle Books tutorial

Directory of Free and Discount Books for the Kindle

Thought-provoking article on trends in Christian boy-girl relationships today

Infographic: Canon vs. Nikon

Smuggling Character Into Grace

40 Worst DIY Car Repairs

How Can I Strengthen My Weak Faith?

35 Reasons Not to Sin

When Doing Must Be Done

Disclaimer: Just because I post a link here does not mean that I endorse everything contained on the respective site. I post links to specific content that I find interesting, but please use discernment in all internet browsing!

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