Choosing Gratitude 4

Personalization of Psalm 103:1-5:

O my soul, speak well of the Lord. Exalt Him. Magnify Him. Give Him the place of honor He deserves. All that is within me, pay Him respect. Cherish Him with all of my heart, soul, mind, and strength. Let no part of my life rob Him of glory. May all that is within me proclaim that He is holy!

O my soul, do not forget all that the Lord has done. Remember the many undeserved mercies He freely showers upon me. Remember the many times He helped through some hardship. Remember the many provisions He has bestowed upon me. Never have I suffered want. Never have I needed what He has not provided.

30 days of thanksgiving:

31. Dew in the morning

32. Hydrangeas

33. Times at the ocean

34. The little children whose parents ask me to spend time with them

35. Last summer, wherein God gave me the strength to complete my undergraduate studies

36. Special times at the Japanese Park

37. Capable dentists

38. Hearing that gunshot/s in our street (vivid reminder that my God protects)

39. Seeing those burning tires in the streets (vivid reminder that my God protects)

40. Dear homeschooling comrades many years ago in a faraway land

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