Friday Finds

Food Photography by The Pioneer Woman

How to Talk to Little Girls

The Health Benefits of Coffee vs. Tea Infographic

Unpacking the Casey Anthony Case

Questions to Ponder Before Dating

House of Shelves

If Leonardo DiCaprio Got Saved

Totally Like Whatever, You Know

Mercy River

Do You Realize?

“Were you a likely candidate for salvation?  Yet didn’t God save you?  And while he may have used some human instrument, don’t you see that he would have saved you with or without any instrument?  And haven’t you seen other ‘impossible’ brothers and sisters delivered likewise by the incredible power of the invisible God?

Do you realize from whence you came?  You were in the grip of hell.  Demons had wrapped their chains about you.  The god of this world had blinded your understanding.  Yet God struck off your chains and the face of Christ illumined your soul.  The damned around you are no more damned than you were, their chains no thicker, their darkness no deeper.  Nor is the power of Christ to save them one whit less.”

John White, The Golden Cow (Downers Grove, 1979), pages 151-152.

Disclaimer: Just because I post a link here does not mean that I endorse everything contained on the respective site. I post links to specific content that I find interesting, but please use discernment in all internet browsing!

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