Seminary Orientation Quotes

Today was orientation for all new students at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. Below are two quotes from talks that were given throughout the day. They challenge me. What a rich time my study here will be.

The problem is not that women are not submissive. They’re submissive to men (plural). A woman should picture the gospel in submitting only to the right man as the church submits only to Christ. – paraphrase of a portion of Dr. Russell Moore‘s excellent sermon on Ephesians 5 during chapel time

“Theology lives, breathes, loves, and bleeds.” – a current student who spoke to all of us in the School of Theology

Friday Finds

Note: The remainder of my¬†Choosing Gratitude study has been postponed until further notice. I am now at seminary and, as time permits, my blog readers will certainly be given a glimpse into what I’m studying here.

I recently received an invite to Spotify, and have a Meredith Andrews playlist that I’ve been enjoying listening to. Here are a couple of her songs that are particularly meaningful:

Treasure – Grasping the truth proclaimed in this song is the reason that I am here. There’s no lesson that could be greater.

Never Move On – It’s all about Him.